Monday, March 28, 2016

It's been a while...

Ok, so it's been more than a while, it's now March 2016, and little sister Sophia has taken my place as moms service dog.  I'm now happily retired at 15 years old.  Did I mention I turned 15 back in December!

 Last September and October mom took me and Sophie on a 7 week trip.  We started here in Alaska, flew to Montana, drove to Wyoming, then drove back to Montana on our way to Wahington, then flew down to Oregon, then back home to Alaska.  It was long and exhausting.  I had surgery while in Wyoming and they took out most of my teeth (I still have 2) and half of my jaw bone.  My tongue hangs out a lot now but I feel so much better!

Sophia passed her CGC test while we were in Montana, she's getting pretty famous around town.  I guess you don't see many Chihuahua Service Dog's like us around.

Any ways, will try to post more often, I sort of forgot about this page!!!!!!

G'night world.

Sarah the Service Dog

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sophia is here.

Well, Sophia is here and I'm not too enthused about it. She's noisy, barks, bites, and generally disrupts mine and moms home! Mom is delighted though. And at least Sophia keeps Oliver (my 5 month old feline brother) occupied and away from me.

Mom Made video of the new baby, maybe she'll make a video of me. But either way, she wanted me to let everyone know about this new yippy-nippy-annoying puppy.

So here she is!

Signing out...

Sarah the service Dog!

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Baby Sister

Well here she is, my new baby sister. Mom has named her Sophia, and were hoping she's gonna learn from me and help me take care of mom. So yeah, she will be a service dog too!

Moms always joking that I'm really a German Shepherd and they just left me in the dryer for too long. Well, now she has her mini Dobie too! In the form of another Chihuahua. I'm sure she'll fit into our home and hearts just fine.

Oh, did I tell you she brought home a kitten... His name is Oliver, and he's a real PITA, but he's learning... He sorta grows on you yah know. I think in this picture she either needs a nap, or they woke her up from one.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Sabbath

OK, well I'm going to have to change the title of this blog, as Sabbath was not to be. The land lady (AKA my mother) has decided that no, no full size dog will ever live in this apartment. So as long as I live here there will be no Sabbath...

She goes the way of Sapphire, a beautiful blue American Pitt Bull Terrier puppy that was offered to me for free back in 2006 or 07?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A guest in the house...

Meet Tuffy!
Tuffy's daddy is a legislator for the state of Alaska. His mom does some teaching. During the days, if its days there both working, he comes to stay with us. He's fantastic about chasing Salvador and wearing him out so mom can sleep at night without the fur ball getting into things. Shhhhh don't tell Salvador I called him a fur ball.

Tuffy is also good at finding all the cat toys that the boys hide in weird places. He's pretty cute for a Shih'tzu.

Oh we found out some info about the new puppy. Carol says she starts working on 'sit' and such as soon as the puppies are up and walking. This is a really good thing! It means mom wont have to do quite so much work before bringing Sabbath home.

Well that's about it for today, tomorrow Ill introduce my sister and two brothers.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little Introduction!

Welcome to Sarah & Sabbaths Blog!
Who is Sarah?

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a service dog, I am also a Chihuahua, and a pretty perfect one at that! Or at least that is what my mom says. She also says I'm spoiled, but I don't think so. My mom decided I needed a blog of my own since Ive become a rather famous Chihuahua. Did I mention I'm 10 years old now and live in Alaska?

You might have noticed this blog is called Sarah and Sabbath, so who is Sabbath? Well Sabbath isn't born yet, but she will be soon, in a few months. Sabbath is going to be my moms new Service Dog, a German Shepherd. We (mom and I) are going to Chicago to bring her home some time this summer. She's just gonna be a puppy, but moms pretty good at training dogs, so she'll be a working girl in no time.

But since she isn't born yet, lets get back to me!

We live in Juneau Alaska, but I have traveled all over the US with mom. We have been to Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, and Kentucky. Unlike other dogs who fly cargo, or have to stay in a crate under a seat, when I fly I get to stay in my moms arms! I am such a lucky dog!

So what do I do as a Service Dog? Well I help my mom know when she's getting sick. She has a bad heart, and lungs, and all sorts of things. Really she's a mess. But with my help, she does pretty good.

I also get to help out at the craft fairs in the fall. We have a lot of fun selling Dog Scarves, doggy blankets, and other cool stuff! Oh, and my aunty Kathy feeds me Oriental food from a place called Peters. I really like there chicken! At the craft fairs I get to sit on the table in my very own doggy bed and say hello to all the people to come up to buy things. I get a lot of pets and ear scratches. Its fun, but very exhausting.

My mom is also in the SCA, she dresses up in medieval clothing and we have a lot of fun at events. In fact, in May were going to have another camping event like last years! I love camping with mom. I get to be lazy and hang out on a sofa, or in a chair with mom and visit with other people who come to Alaska to camp and see the place.

So I mentioned before that I'm pretty famous. Ive been on the front page of the Juneau Empire, our local newspaper, and Ive been mentioned quite a bit in the Capital City Weekly, another little paper that a lot of people read. And people recognize me all over. I get to go in stores and restaurants with mom, because I'm a service dog.

So I think that's it for a first post, but don't worry, there is gonna be a lot more about me and my life here in Juneau and all the things I get to see and do! Ill also be sharing lots of information about service dogs and what they can do! So please come back and Ill see you around town!