Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A guest in the house...

Meet Tuffy!
Tuffy's daddy is a legislator for the state of Alaska. His mom does some teaching. During the days, if its days there both working, he comes to stay with us. He's fantastic about chasing Salvador and wearing him out so mom can sleep at night without the fur ball getting into things. Shhhhh don't tell Salvador I called him a fur ball.

Tuffy is also good at finding all the cat toys that the boys hide in weird places. He's pretty cute for a Shih'tzu.

Oh we found out some info about the new puppy. Carol says she starts working on 'sit' and such as soon as the puppies are up and walking. This is a really good thing! It means mom wont have to do quite so much work before bringing Sabbath home.

Well that's about it for today, tomorrow Ill introduce my sister and two brothers.

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